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God's Sitting Partners

We provide a range of senior care services and home assistance. From companionship to errands and groceries, our highly-trained in-home caregivers can support your loved ones in the comfort of their own home.

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Our Mission is to bring joy and comfort into every home we enter. Reassuring patients and their families that we strive to give the best care. We do it with love and our staff takes pride in caring for others. Treating you as if you are our own because you are.


We serves the following neighborhoods:

God's Sitting Partners is based in Birmingham Alabama but provides homecare services in Jefferson County, Shelby County, Huntsville, and the Jasper Area. If you are looking for homecare services for a loved one in these areas, or to check the availability of our services in a nearby location not listed, please contact us today.



Discovering the Path

Founder Quteria Bryant's journey began in Birmingham, AL, where from a young age, she felt a profound desire to help those around her. This calling led her to her first job as a caregiver at 16, laying the groundwork for her future. After graduating from high school, Quteria pursued her passion in the healthcare field, eventually earning her Healthcare Administration degree in 2016. While working with various clients, including beginning her work with Sam Lowery in 2018, she realized her true purpose wasn't in nursing but in providing personalized care outside traditional settings.

A Mentor's Encouragement

It was during her time caring for Mr. Sam Lowery that Quteria found not just a client but a mentor and friend. She had a dream of starting a home care service but was uncertain where to begin. After a year and a half of caring for Mr. Lowery, she was sitting in the living room and he said, “Q, it’s time.” she asked, “Time for what?” He answered by saying, “It’s time for you to do what you have always wanted to do. Start your home care business.” His advice and encouragement were pivotal. Despite her initial hesitation, their collaboration on the name "God’s Sitting Partners" solidified her resolve to move forward.

The Dream of God’s Sitting Partners

For several months Quteria would inform Sam of the progress she was making guided by his advice in founding God's Sitting Partners. However, Mr. Lowery sadly passed away unexpectedly and Quteria mourned the loss of her dear friend and mentor. Despite the hesitation and anxiety about pursuing her business alone, she persevered with a renewed sense of purpose and determination, honoring his memory by officially establishing God’s Sitting Partners. This step was not just the start of a business but a tribute to the encouragement and faith Mr. Lowery had in her vision. His belief in her capability to make a difference in the community became a cornerstone of our mission.

Beyond a Business

Now, with over 15 years of experience in elder care, Quteria and her team at God’s Sitting Partners have built more than a service; they've created a family. Their commitment goes beyond traditional client relationships, embracing each individual with love, care, and a deep sense of belonging. This philosophy is rooted in Quteria's belief in serving as an extension of God's care on earth, fulfilling her calling to look after His children.



"This company has the most professional staff that I have ever encountered. They are on time, dependable, kind and caring as well as thorough in what they do. I can't recommend this company enough! Thank you Quteria Bryant for seeing this need in our community and making it happen!"
Marie G.
"This is by far one of the best services I've used. Ms. Q and her staff are amazing, professional and very caring. They treat your loved ones like their own. The easiest interaction with a home care service I've ever had. I recommend 10xs over God's sitting partners."
DarNisha S.
"I’m writing this to say just how much I love working for this team. Ms. Q is amazing. It was her team that took care of my PawPaw before he passed and her personally that helped make my decision to join in the care of our elderly. She will make sure your loved ones are cared for."
"I have dealt with several care agencies for my personal care and God's Sitting Partners has the most professional and eager-to-please staff that I have encountered."
Elizabeth R.
"They provided sitters for my father. They were the kindest caring people we could have ever asked for. They took excellent care of him and were great support for my mother. Our family would highly recommend them. I will use them again if I ever need a sitter."