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At-Home Care Services: 5 Benefits for You and Your Loved Ones

March 8, 2024
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At-Home Care Services: 5 Benefits for You And Your Love Ones

At-home care in Birmingham, AL, for your elderly loved one or yourself is a great choice, and we are grateful you have shown interest in working with God’s Sitting Partners. It is essential to perform detailed research of at-home care services and educate yourself on all benefits included. As you may already know, caring for an early relative, yourself, or a disabled loved one is available inside of a senior care facility. But at-home care allows your loved one to remain in their home for added comfort and have nurses or professional caregivers come to them.

God’s Sitting Partners specialize in professional at-home care services and feel it may be the best option for most individuals. Below, we will give you five (5) advantages of hiring God’s Sitting Partners as your at-home care provider and the advantages of staying at home instead of going into a medical facility.

1. The Comfort of At-Home Care

At-home care’s primary benefit is the ability to remain in the comfort of the home within an environment that is familiar to the individual. If the patient is physically able, they have the convenience of sleeping in their bed and using their bathroom. As a result, this helps reduce the anxiety of being in a new environment and sanitation, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the patient can continue their daily routines without interruption, which can benefit those suffering from progressive cognitive conditions that affect memory, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Finally, all individuals would like to remain within a space that gives us a sense of peace and relaxation. You and your loved one both deserve this in the golden years of life, and God’s Sitting Partners is here to assist.

2. Enhanced Independence

Independence plays a significant role in being an adult, especially during the golden years of life. One big concern for seniors who are considering senior care assistance is the loss of their independence. However, at-home care provides a considerable advantage over the option of a senior care facility. Your loved one can remain in control of many aspects of their daily living without fear and anxiety. Moreover, they continue living by their own schedule, choosing when to entertain guests, eat, and rest. Seniors who can no longer drive have the added benefit of having an at-home caregiver assist them to run errands and attend social events. As a result, they will continue to have the ability to live independently.

3. Personalized Care Plan

Personalized care is yet another added benefit of at-home care for your loved one. As a senior care facility resident, your loved ones must adjust to their schedules and routines. God’s Sitting Partners offers a personalized home care plan to fit your family’s needs. Personalized care can provide a helping hand with many tasks, including meal preparation, light housekeeping, medication reminders, and other daily routines. Our professional caregivers also provide your loved one with companionship and conversation, which help to reduce the risk of senior isolation. Whether your loved one only needs assistance for a few hours during the day or requires 24-hour in-home care, God’s Sitting Partners is flexible and adapts to what is best for each of our clients.

4. Continued Pet Ownership

Moving into a senior care facility or assisted living facility will most likely alter the state of your loved one’s relationship with their pet. Moreover, some facilities do not allow pets or have a particular set of rules about handling pets while living in the facility. For this reason, at-home care services may be the best option for seniors with long-time pet companions. An added benefit of having a pet is that it fills the need to nurture or care for something and can improve mental and physical health. Yes, it is true! Studies have proven how pets can lower blood pressure and heart rate, risk of heart disease and stress, and even prevent depression. Not to mention, pets require more action from their owner, which requires more physical activity. Daily exercise is an added benefit if the owner is a senior. Many seniors require encouragement to be more active and to go outdoors. Sometimes owning a pet is just the push they need to motivate them to move more. God’s Sitting Partners take pride in assisting our clients with the care of their beloved pets to help decrease worry and depression.

5. At-Home Care and Family Involvement

Family involvement is crucial and is a critical part of at-home care services. It also plays a significant role in ensuring quality care for your loved ones. God’s Sitting Partners professional caregivers are able to assist with organizing family nights as well as give updates more frequently. We encourage regular involvement of the family for our clients. It is vital for the client and can be beneficial for our caregivers as well, which is especially true concerning dementia and Alzheimer’s clients. Being an advocate for your loved one includes the following:

  • Participating in the development of the at-home care plan
  • Knowing the caregiver and their roles
  • Monitoring your loved one’s care regularly
  • Raising any concerns with the caregiver

The client’s needs and wishes come first, but you are the primary advocate for your loved one.

In Conclusion

These are five (5) of the most common reasons seniors prefer using our at-home care services instead of going into a senior care facility. Of course, there is a list of additional benefits such as one-on-one attention, cost-effectiveness, fast recovery, and peace of mind, to name a few.

If you or your family member is considering at-home care as part of a care plan, contact God’s Sitting Partners today for a consultation. Our team of dedicated professional caregivers is ready to support your family and help older adults enjoy life in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible. We happily serve Jefferson County, Shelby County, and Jasper residents.

Some of the services offered by God’s Sitting Partners include the following: Companion Care, Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care, End-of-Life Care, In-Home Caregiver (24-hour), Personal Care, Post-Hospital Care, and Respite Care.

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